• Portrait of Magnus Fisker

Magnus Fisker (b. 1992, Ringsted) is a Danish painter, who studies at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. 

To Fisker, painting is a process; a proces of constructing a symbolic index that tells the ongoing story of his artistic practise. Every painting is part of this process. Every painting constitutes a sentence in the story. Through his paintings, and through an inherent and ever-present conflict between expressive and meticulous brush strokes, Fisker explores existential questions of human life and transcience. 

Fisker's primary subject matter is a (oftentimes unidentifiable) haunted and eerie scenery, from where dreams and feelings of longing and anxiety arise. Although his paintings are often inspired by actual locations, the artist's works represent an energetic synthesis of existing and fictional scenery that is torn apart only to be reassembled in new variations and expressions. As a result, Fisker’s paintings - even though they appear abstract - are actually situated somewhere in-between abstraction and figuration, the familiar and the unknown, the distant and the near.



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