• Portrait of Christian Achenbach

Christian Achenbach (born 1978) is a German sculptor and painter. Achenbach studied at the University of Art in Berlin with Burkhard Held, Daniel Richter and Anselm Reyle and graduated from Anselm Reyle’s master class in 2007.

With his artistic roots in 20th century art history, Achenbach composes his own aesthetic symphony of the known isms framed in a fresh postmodern perspective. Achenbach’s creative process lends itself to the world of musical composition where the multiplicity of violent clashing of colors and shapes emphasizes the shift of tonality, thereby conjuring a materiality of sound.     

Each artwork presents the childlike joy and liberty of Achenbach’s brush with an immanent nod to the history of modern art. Modernism, Dadaism and Cubism are undeniably present in each painting where no central motif is to be found, but geometric shapes and symbols instead rhizomatically spirals in and out of each other. Much like the music in which Achenbach finds his inspiration, the definite outlines are blurry, the array of colors explosive.

Christian Achenbach lives and works in Berlin. In 2008 he was an artist in residence at Statens Værksteder for Kunst og Håndværk in Copenhagen. He has exhibited widely in Germany and Denmark as well as internationally.




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