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Henrik Saxgren (b. 1953, Randers) is a Danish photographer.

In an aesthetically straightforward and minutely narrated imagery, Saxgren conveys heartbreaking human truths and destinies, castigating the individual behind the historic landmarks in recent history.

In 1979 Saxgren was a founding member of ‘2Maj’ – a group of socially motivated documentarians – and from 1985 to 91 he served as photo editor for the magazine Press. After extensive travels in Central America in 2000, Saxgren published his book of photography, “Solomon’s House”, which explored a post-revolutionary Nicaragua.

At this point in his career, Saxgren’s artistic style drastically shifted towards arranged compositions in color after an extensive career in black and white. The first book published after this stylistic change was ‘War and love – immigration of the North’ (2006); a portrayal of the life of immigrants in Scandinavia. In 2009 he published the book ‘Unintended Sculptures’, where nature and culture coexist in grandiose passages. Most recently Saxgren published the book ‘Bus from Baghdad’, in which he follows 46 Copenhagen bus drivers with different ethnic backgrounds.

Henrik Saxgren was a part of the project ‘Denmark in Transition’ (2008-09), which includes the book ‘From where we stand 1-3’ (2010). He has exhibited widely in Denmark and abroad e.g. AroS Museum of Modern Art, The National Museum of Photography, Skagen Museum, Noorderlight Photography Gallery in the Netherlands and Paris Photo.

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