• Portrait of Erik A. Frandsen

Erik A. Frandsen (b. 1957, Randers) is a selftaught artist.

Having chosen an unconventional path, dispensing of the traditional academic training, Frandsen takes his inspiration from all areas of life, as well as from art history and the artisans he has encountered through his extensive studies. In the years 1976-1979 he went to Greece to study ceramics, spent time in Carrara, Italy training as a sculptor, and traveled to Paris, France where he worked with graphics.

Erik A. Frandsen’s oeuvre is characterized by a recycling of motives and the application of these to various mediums, with an altogether different expression as the end result in order to illuminate that, which is not visible at first glance.

A frequent motif by Erik A. Frandsen is the flower composition, although they are not flower motifs in the traditional sense, but rather images of interiors in which the flowers are centrally placed. Frandsen’s flowers of choice are weeds such as thistles and dandelions placed in urine bottles in kitsch vases. In an art historical context the flower motif has sustained as a symbol of beauty, sensuality, life, death, and vanity. Erik A. Frandsen has earlier applied the flower motif as a symbol in his artistic exploration of intimacy, relationships, and home life as the chosen themes of his paintings.

Erik A. Frandsen has exhibited widely abroad as well as in Denmark – e.g. ARoS, New Carlsberg Glyptotek, Arken, Statens Museum for Kunst and Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

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