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Anders SCRMN Meisner (b. 1981) is a Danish visual artist, who currently lives and works in Copenhagen after having lived abroad throughout his twenties - mainly in Sevilla and Amsterdam, where he toured with a punk band and earned the moniker "SCRMN" for his eclectic vocals.

Whether it’s through large-scale collages made from newspaper and magazine clippings or his expressive paintings and drawings on paper, SCRMN manages to tell a story with each work. For SCRMN, narrative is a central component of his art, acting as both a source of inspiration and as something depicted through the finished product. SCRMN stresses his fascination with art’s openness to interpretation, and takes an interest in how an individual’s history and memories shape their perception of his art.

SCRMN has recently shifted away from his usual work with layered collages and paper drawings into working mainly with paint on canvases. This is a result of his desire to achieve constant artistic growth. Despite this venture into a new medium, his work continues to express his unique perspective as an artist, incorporating ornate designs, elements of humor and whimsy, and communication through symbolic motifs in imaginary scenery.   

SCRMN often refers to his own work as being contemporary cave painting, as they are “descriptive without being explanatory”. This can be seen in relation to SCRMN’s preoccupation with both science and history, including his fascination with the human anatomy as well as subjects like colonization, politics and nature.

SCRMN’S broad field of work, despite its constant evolution and shifts between mediums, is that of an artist whose desire to refine their craft remains a permanent fixture.

Aside from numerous censored exhibitions and international fairs, SCRMN has exhibited at Koldinghus Museum in Denmark, with AJG Contemporary in Sevilla, Francis Boeske Projects in Amsterdam and L'inlassable Galerie in both New York and Paris.

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