• October 28 - November 19
  • Frank Fischer
  • New Works
  • Project Room

While Fredrik Raddum’s ”Mindless Actions and Unfinished Stories” is on display in the main gallery, a series of new works by Frank Fisher will be on view in the Hans Alf Gallery project room.

As always, Swiss painter Frank Fischer bases his works on those of canonical artists: The colour scheme of each individual painting is deciphered and reproduced in Fischer’s meticulous drip-painting technique, so that the finished work becomes a representation of the original, an homage or paraphrase, if you will. In the past, Fischer has exhibited exclusive series tracing the steps of artists such as Cy Twombly, Ferdinand Hodler and Emil Nolde, but this time around, he hasn’t limited his production to one artist – rather he has selected nine of his favourite works by such different artists as Caspar David Friedrich and Michael Craig-Martin, making “New Works” a diverse and fascinating exploration of colour-use across centuries.Since relocating to Den Haag, Holland in 2019 after two decades in London, Frank Fischer has explored the use of acrylic paint instead of oil, spending almost three years perfecting the glossy depth and shine, he demands from his paintings. Thus “New Works” consists of five oil paintings and four acrylic, and even to connoisseurs of his work, it’s almost impossible to tell them apart. The use of acrylic paint makes for a harder, more durable surface, while simultaneously speeding up the production time, as acrylic dries much faster than oil. This allows for a more concentrated work flow, as Fischer is now able to focus on one painting at a time, as opposed to always working on several, while waiting days or even weeks for the oil to dry.

In "New Works" Fischer has deciphered works by Denzil Forrester, Japanese painter Mr., fellow Swiss artists Pippilotti Rist and Hans Holbein the Younger, Dutch 17th century painters Jacob de Gheyn II and Abraham van Beyeren, whom Fischer discovered while visiting the local Mauritshuis Museum in Den Haag, plus Friedrich and Craig-Martin as mentioned above. The show will be Fischer's seventh solo with the gallery.


Exhibition view