• 2020 November 27 - 2021 January 09
  • Morten Schelde
  • Ocean of Time

Friday November 27, Morten Schelde’s new show “Ocean of Time” opens in Hans Alf Gallery. The exhibition is a remix of the recently completed show of the same name from Faaborg Museum of Art.

The museum wrote the following about the exhibition:

“The exhibition Ocean of Time, featuring Danish artist Morten Schelde, revolves around issues of memory, recollection and our constant efforts to create and maintain narratives. The works presented in the exhibition provide insight into Schelde’s own memories and life story, but they also give us a tangled look at our shared cultural history, extending to art history, suburban life and journeys towards the unknown. With his distinctive hand, Schelde connects historical realities to an inner, imaginary world. This mixture of reality and fiction gives the works a dreamlike, almost surreal feel.“

“Morten Schelde’s picturesque drawings are based on a stringent working method, addressing time as a phenomenon. In carefully controlled shifts between rapid hatching and meticulously placed lines, Schelde builds up each scene. With his works, Schelde invites us to consider the connections between ideas, dreams and our memories. Schelde leads the way, but the space is kept open for everyone.”

In the modified version of the exhibition, which will be on view in Hans Alf Gallery through January 9, visitors will be able to experience 16 new drawings on top of most of the works from Faaborg – all of them revolving around the original theme.

In recent years, Schelde’s expression has undergone somewhat of an artistic quantum leap as most recently demonstrated in his exhibition “Stages” from 2019. In contrast to previous works that were kept in a primarily red and white universe, Schelde’s new production of drawings appear both extraordinarily colorful and multifaceted. Thus, when entering the exhibition, the viewer is met by a veritable explosion of colour, and when strolling along the 25 works that make up the show, one will find the entire colour palette summoned. Something is at stake, it’s full throttle, and Morten Schelde is on top form.

Ocean of Time opens Friday November 27 at 5 pm, and will be on view through January 9.

Overview of works

Exhibition view