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RENÉ HOLM, Denmark


René Holm studied at Aarhus Kunstakademi from 2001-2006.


Adhering mainly to the practice of painting, Holm strives to foster an underlying storyline in each work and thereby establish a dialogue with the spectator.   


He depicts the fate of humans on the edge of society, people who are socially marginalized and find themselves unable to settle in a postmodern, capitalistic world. In series such as Sixteen Destinies, The Strangers, Consumer Slaves and White Trailer Trash he portrays the homeless in New York, refugees in Danish asylum centres, Chinese workers and Americans in trailer parks. By getting to know his subjects personally Holm is able to communicate their stories equivocally; firstly as generalized stories freed of time and space, and secondly, paradoxically, as personal tales of triumph and tragedy. The subjects of Holm’s brush are offered a new chance, placing them in strange and dreamlike surroundings that represent a new world, parallel to both their and our reality.

René Holm has exhibited in various places in Denmark e.g. Viborg Kunsthal, Kunsten Museum of Modern Art i Herning and Holstebro Kunstmuseum as well as abroad e.g. SCOPE New York, Miami and Basel among others. 






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TIDSREJSEN: Aagaard (gen)oplevet, Trapholt, 2016:




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